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Interconnectedness Foundation




On April 14th 2010 the Interconnectedness Foundation was established. The officially registered name is Interconnectedness Stichting - a non profit NGO in the Netherlands. The charity status (ANBI) allowing for tax-deductible donations has been officially confirmed by the Dutch Tax Authorities.


The purpose of the Interconnectedness Foundation is to stimulate an environmentally sustainable, (spiritually) fulfilling and socially just human presence worldwide, mainly by increasing and connecting the awareness of interconnectedness. We welcome donations of any size. Bank account: with Triodos Bank, Zeist, The Netherlands. IBAN code: NL45TRIO0390497754


Our board

Leo L. Sonneveld MBA, Chairman


Leo Sonneveld


Leo Sonneveld (1959) from the Netherlands is married and has two adult sons. He holds a Master degree in Business Administration and has more than 30 years of business experience in the Financial Industry, Government, Trade and Industry, Education, Business Consultancy and Healthcare.


In 1999 he founded Consultancy firm Human Treasures® working as (Executive) coach, consultant and facilitator with the mission to ignite a shift from Human Resource Management to Human Treasures Leadership.


His CSR work includes Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream / Be The Change programs which he introduced in the Netherlands in December 2006. This provided him with the inspiration to initiate and organize the first World Day of Interconnectedness on 9 September 2009.


On a personal level he enjoyed a wide variety of personal- and spiritual development programs. His purpose for 2012 is that we, the people, enjoy a world that works for all life with Peace and Prosperity Permanently. His key value is integrity.

Ir Nanke W. Lavrijsen, Treasurer




Nanke Lavrijsen (1976) from the Netherlands has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Twente. After starting her career in the supply chain discipline she embarked on a journey to follow her dreams.


Born and raised in Africa (Kenya, Cape Verde, Zimbabwe), she chose to return to that continent to experience the earth energy and life force that she remembered from her youth. As a tourguide she travelled extensively through Southern and East Africa before settling for a year in South Africa to set up a retreat centre on a Nature Reserve. It was there, in the wild and rugged environment that her connection with nature was re-established.


Since then the interconnectedness of all life has been a central theme in her life. She brings the theme to life in her work as a trainer, coach and facilitator and in her CSR work for the Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream / Be The Change  program which she facilitates together with Leo.


On a personal level Nanke has participated in several personal and spiritual development programs and she is currently a student at the ‘School voor Zijnsorientatie’.


Drs Rob Westerhout, Secretary


Rob Westerhout


Rob Westerhout (1962) from the Netherlands has a degree in biology from Utrecht University. He has worked as a coach in the field of education and preventive medicine, and as an author of educational material.


In 1996 he embarked on a new career and started a building company called "Bouwbedrijf Het Rijke Leven" ("The Full Life Building Company"). The aim of this company is helping people to realize their dreams. Key words are quality and service.


In 2005 he introduced a method called The Heart Circle in which men and women share their innermost experiences. In 2009 he founded the Practice for Passion Workshops to help people regain and expand their passions. On 09/09/09 he met Leo and Nanke, and he decided to support The World Day of Interconnectedness.


On a personal level Rob is engaged in "creating your own reality".He is taking and giving courses in this field. One of his sources is the book "Conversations with God". With its author Neal Donald Walsh he took an intensive course on the subject.


Rob's philosophy is "always look on the bright side of life". "Being interconnected with Nature, people and the spiritual dimension makes life far more interesting".


Our ambassadors (under construction)

drs Karin Sorbi, Center for Servant Leadership & Coaching (CSLC), Netherlands


Karin Sorbi


We all are elements of an interdependent system. The more we don't understand the closer we are…

As I believe the World Day of Interconnectedness is an initiative to increase our consciousness of interdependency, only possible by being connected with ourselves as well…


Taking our responsibility, being aware of our ability to respond in an adequate way, in my opinion is the most important step to shift to a better and sustainable world. Therefore I support the initiative of The World Day of Interconnectedness with all my heart and I hope that every single action of support all together will have a huge effect.


Yael van Assendelft, sponsors the World Day of Interconnectedness with with 'Spiegel Seminars', Netherlands




Looking back my involvement with sustainability began when I realized I am part of a whole - let's say the universe - and that this connects me with it at the same time. This began with my feeling of love for life.

Building relations is a matter of the heart, that starts with knowing yourself and what you feel. This awareness about yourself and loving feeling make interaction with the other and involvement with society and nature easier.


Experiencing this is the beginning for being able to celebrate connectedness on a daily basis. Resulting in a true sustainability for all stakeholders in this universe. The ultimate goal of The World Day of Interconnectedness.


Wout-Jan Koridon, Four Years Go, USA


Wout-Jan Koridon


To co-create the sustainable, just and fulfulling future we long for, we must wake up to the fragmentation and unwholeness we suffer from, the disconnection from nature and our spiritual being, The essence of interconnectedness touches that of the transition to our common future, global society and life itself. To support the World Day of Interconnectedness Initiative is an affirmation of life.


Ingrid van Laerhoven, Work Art, Netherlands


ingrid v laerhoven


On 09.09.09 I was deeply moved by the feeling of interconnectedness. Without knowing people that I met during that day, there was an instant interconnectedness. Knowing that all around the world people were participating in celebrating interconnectedness proved to me that we are indeed all connected. This day deepened my belief that we are all children of our own god. That it doesn't matter what or who you believe in. We are all the same, valuable and vulnerable in our own specific way. If we want it or not, we are connected! Celebrating this interconnectedness one specific day each year is a gift made possible by Leo and the people around him. A gift that I happily pass on. That is why I support The World Day of Interconnectedness.


Nikos Akrivos, Dj /Producer and Personal Life Coach, Belgium


nikos akrivos 180


There are 2 things that matter in our current time in the rapid proces of evolution that humanity goes through: finding the love in us by Interconnecting with our inner self and raising our vibration so we adapt rapidly to the change which i call: Feel More Than Fine.

It is the lack of information in our system that is the origine of all "problems" and as responsible citizen of the World i feel the need to share the truth with my fellow brothers and sisters living on planet Earth so they all become leaders in their life with true respect for mother nature.


Einstein has been clear with his formula:E=MC2.

M=The power of many.

C=The Light,Our Faith,our belief.

E=We are energy, all together we can help that the transition happens smoothly.


I am looking forward to Interconnect with you all on 11-11-11 event as we are awakening as one. Think Less,Interconnect and Feel More Than Fine!


Ingrid Rouleaux, mother, author and founder of the campaign 'Our Children are the future' in the Netherlands, which includes a civil initiative called Christoffel Appeal and the actio 2010-2011 "Children with a message"


ingrid rouleaux


Interconnectedness has my full support. It is wonderful to consciously connect on 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 and be aware that we are all one and that we can support each other through the field. Love and gratitude are so powerful and reinforcing. In this way we are enlarging the group of people around the world who apply these powers daily to make the world a better place for all. Just having the courage to BE yourself. People create more safety and more prosperity by collaboration than by combat 


Elisabeth Giraudon, Holistic Therapist, Human Resources Consultant and Speaker, Mauritius


elisabeth giraudon


Elisabeth, all for Eli, two children and four grandchildren, French origin with Mauritian nationality. I'm living in the Indian Ocean since 21 years, especially 16 years in Mauritius after Reunion Island.

I have worked with some local radios and national televisions (Reunion and Mauritius Island's).

I can't stand injustice, lies and violence in all its forms. I am a franchise, direct and sincere.

I believe in man, humanity, fraternity, in love, love the other, compassion and peace.

Reach out to those who suffer, to listen, console them and give them a smile and hope, is my life every moment.

I am a humanist at heart, a woman of action and heart. My actions and commitments for the sole guide of Love, Light & Peace. This is why I am ambassador of the Interconnectedness Foundation on our beautiful Island Mauritius.


Franco Santoro: Spiritual counsellor, author, shamanic facilitator, experiential astrologer, resident member of the Findhorn Foundation, pioneer of astroshamanism. Scotland and Italy  

franco santoro


Interconnectedness is based on the experience that all aspects of life are intimately related and part of the same whole. According to this perspective there is no separation and we can find our sense of purpose only if we acknowledge the wider reality in which we exist. This reality also includes what lies beyond our ordinary perception and can further deepen the awareness of who we truly are. I and our group promote inteconnectedness by helping individuals and groups to expand their consciousness through healing events, rituals, dance, music, energy and bodywork, including sessions, workshops and writings on holistic awareness, astroshamanism and bona fide sexuality. The aim is to retrieve our multidimensional nature, releasing perceptions based on separation and moving towards unity. More details.

Patty Harpenau, The Life Foundation, Netherlands



pers foto patty klein formaat (2)


Patty Harpenau is an internationally renowned writer, life coach and television personality. She has spent her life unearthing the worlds oldest teachings and expressing them in words.


Now the world is once again waiting for peace. For a new Messiah, a redeemer who will ban evil from the world. The Code of Life, oneness and connection, is showing to the world that the Messiah lived in each human being. That no one else but ourselves will come to heal the world. Each human being has the potential to be a Messiah and this is what we carry in our hearts and recognize in the outside world. Peace meets peace when we live in peace on an inner level. As within, so without. As above, so below. Connection is the carrier of the code of peace and when we allow oneness to awaken in our hearts, peace will awaken on earth. A peaceful world is made up of peaceful people, just like a green forest is so by the grace of green trees.


I am proud to be an ambassador for Interconnectedness. May peace and blessings accompany this organization. Patty Harpenau


Rob van Tilburg, Huis voor Zingeving, | marketing & spiritualiteit, Netherlands


rob van tilburg


Awareness of our interconnectedness is the greatest gift in live. It's a miracle. It makes you stronger, less vulnerable. And as you are stronger, so are we. So I am very happy to support this fantastic initiative and praise Leo, Nanke and Rob for their great effort. Let's all shift from I llness to WE llness!



Joshua Konkankoh, manager of Ndanifor Community Garden Project and National Coordinator of Cameroonian grassroots NGO, Better World, Cameroon.



Students and unemployed youth are working with the association of unemployed graduates to use biodiversity conservation and Permaculture practice to improve livelihoods.

I am a supporter of Interconnectedness-Oneness because when I reflect upon my life, I can only thank God for the spiritual right of passage our African culture guaranteed our up bringing. Today I see African youths are dreaming only of flying off to copy the bad habits of the West, sleep walking on their God given natural resources while foreign exploitation is bringing forth an ecological disaster on the continent. I am advocating for interconnectedness in a new concept of righting the wrongs through change of lifestyle for the youth called "The Spirit of Ndanifor" and as one sure way of reforming mother earth. I feel that combining forces can lead us upward from realization to realization rendering ever more the ONENESS of life more fertile and perfect.


Ian Berry, Differencemakers Community, Australia

ian berry


I founded the differencemakers community, an online and in person home for individuals wanting to increase their differencemaking.

I am also on the Board of Trustees of Leaders Cafe 2020. Our two organisations were a part of the first World Day of Interconnectedness

and we will be involved for the long haul. In my personal view understanding and embracing interconnectedness is a key foundation for peace and sustainability in the world.


Esther van der Zee, training, coaching & advies, Netherlands 




Everything we do, think or believe in has an influence upon others. This has been my convincement since childhood. It deepened when I realized that there is no difference between me and the other and all I see in the other is a reflection of myself. Ever since all I do is aimed at connecting people and connecting with others.

Working from the perspective of interconnectedness on all levels makes organizations more effective, more profitable and above all, better places to work.

The World Day of Interconnectedness is a way to increase our collective consciousness of oneness. I am very happy to be part of this movement for further awareness of our interdependency. I am convinced that it will lead to a happier and more sustainable world.

We are in essence creative beings and creation comes directly from the heart. Therefore I contribute to the World Day of Interconnectedness by collectively creating.


Claudia Brugman, WerkDate. Netherlands


claudia homepage 200


The shortest way to people is a smile. In order to live together in love and harmony it is essential to make contact with each other and be aware the we are one. There are differences but there are more similarities. The World Day of Interconnectedness offers you and me the opportunity to take action and to do something concrete with the awareness of all being connected. Many people anywhere around the world are doing the same. But mostly nearby home: in our companies, at work, schools, with neighbours, in the middle of nature, your own back yard, no matter what religion, tradition or culture. Because I think it is important to become more aware, I want to make an effort as an ambassador for the World Day of Interconnectedness. I share the hope, with many others, that in the nearby future we have made a difference for a more peaceful World.


Frank Ra, Dharma instructor,

British Columbia/Canada


frank ra


Being aware of interconnectedness is what faciliates a shift in our lives, for the benefit of all beings. Understanding that we are part of a whole, not a solitary entity, is what awakens us to new possibilities, and responsibilities. Seeing interconnectedness is what faciliates our skillful actions in every situation, including ecology, society, spirituality.


Richard T. Voller, (1971),

from England is the Editor-in-Chief of BondingXperience, an online magazine that has been read in over 33 different countries around the world since January 2010.


Richard Voller Touched by Art


After spending 10 years working in corporate communications at head office level, Richard decided to follow his heart and embark on a spiritual journey to fulfill his destiny. Today, Richard has firm foundations in creativity and spirituality, continually evolving and experiencing miracles in every moment.


Richard explains; 'I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. From this perspective, I encourage my brothers and sisters to step up and answer the call. It is only through our love and our sharing that we can co-create Heaven on planet Earth. We are experiencing the evolution of humanity now! Let's embrace this experience and let the love shine from us, so we can co-create a brand new start for humanity! Let's live the dream now!'


Dr. Stephen Godjas, PhD, CHt.

Ordained Minister. Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science

Universal Life Church, Virginia USA


steve godjas


As a metaphysician and holistic health practitioner, I know the value of concentrated energy so when something like the World day of Interconnectedness comes along I support it whole heartedly.

When people work together for the good of mankind, then it will be like a fire that will catch on and warm the hearts of others to do the same.

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (retired). Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All), USA



The World Day of Interconnectedness celebration is fully consistent with 'A Better Community For All (ABC4All)'s CELEBRATION OF ONENESS' This movement is part of The Shift occuring all over the world and focuses on the betterment of citizenry and communities via a give-back model of conducting business in the world: "Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet."™ Support is offered for charitable causes worldwide such as the Interconnectedness Foundation. ABC4AllWorldSolutions!™ provide opportunities to reach unimagined "Health Heights™." A healthier water and application of advanced energy technologies bring the potential for humanitarian relief wherever it is needed throughout the world in emergent/non-emergent situations.


Enzo Bogazzi, Comm. Dr. Italy


enzo bogazzi


We participated at the last Wdi and will arrange in Carrara, Italy the next Wdi of 10.10.10 h 10 p.m., 11.11.11 h 11 p.m. and 12.12.12 h 12 p.m., and we support the efforts of the Organization of Wdi.

We will make conferences, meetings of art and culture and banquets.


Marjolein Hins, Founder of Q-Search, Netherlands


marjolein hins


People are changing and we become more aware about the connection we have with each other. We move in interaction with our family and friends, colleagues and business we work. And they also move in interaction with other businesses, countries and world parts. So the universe is interactive and interconnected.

It's time we do more with this 'knowledge' en deep knowing that moves us and creates our lives. It will give us power over our own life and at the same time an understanding that we need each other to develop. And that it is important to help everyone in the total system of our world to move further in a balanced way which is good for everyone!


Russell Maier is a Canadian multi-media artist who specializes in grand co-creative mandalas, multiple countries 


i am a divine being


City by city around the world he travels and connects with the new cooperation consciousness emerging on the planet as he orchestrates the 1Mandala project. On 090909 the 1Mandala and the World Day of Interconnectedness synchronized their intentions to create a mandala of folks showing and shinning interconnectedness. View the 090909 Mandala of Interconnectedness here.

"A bright new web of cooperation consciousness is emerging on Earth. Humanity's awareness of our Oneness is growing. Using the ancient and sacred art of the mandala we are celebrating and amplifying this shift. What does the new face of humanity look like? It is yours, mine, his, hers... everyOnes! Be the Joy, the Love, the Peace, the Harmony, the Oneness. Creatively be the change we all want to see-- then smile it and snap it! Your Portrait joined with 10,000 others will co-create the grand mosaic 1Mandala. Together we will unveil it on 11/11/11 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City as a grand reflection of the face of our new Earth."

His art has been shown around the world, this year in Ottawa, Berlin, Paris and more. He is currently working from Manila.


Marc Wervelman, Coaching & Counselling, Netherlands

marc wervelman


What eastern mystics have known for millennia, what Christ preached at the beginning of our calendar and what modern physics has only started to unravel over the last 100 years or so, is that everything in our universe is related, everything. Therefore we are not separate from the world around us, but inextricably bound to it.

That is why I consider raising awareness about interconnectedness not merely as being desirable but as being crucial in changing our world for the better. Only through awareness about our fundamental connection to each other and the world around us, I feel, can we resolve the global challenges we are facing.


Rommy Wuhe, Lagos Nigeria


rommy wuhe1


Love, and then peace to the world" The Love Foundation, home of Global Love Day agrees:

"Love Begins With Me"


Ronald de Gunst, Netherlands


ronald de gunst


Ronald de Gunst (1964) from the Netherlands is  a man who discovered that everything is interconnected.


As volunteer and fair-binder for Oxfam Novib 'doenersnet' he tries to make a difference by making people aware of the relation of our actions and this connection, so we can be the change we want to be.


"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"



Dhruv Jain, Network for entrepreneurs with disabilities Rajasthan, India


dhruv 200


I am active in the social community and will try to make this event a roaring success by organizing various events in ngo's, schools and colleges and even big corporate companies where my colleagues are. I understand all about interconnectedness as while working with disabled people i just found out if you get yourself interconnected with them they get the success through your little efforts. Hence,if everybody get interconnected like this than it would make the world free of conflicts and battle and one day the world will be corruption free, terrorism free. Hence,I want to act as ambassador of my country to help spread this world of interconnectedness. If through the interconnectedness effort I am able to reach a few people or rather make a change in their life I would be much more happy for my country than anybody else...


Hanneke van Gompel, Coach, Netherlands


foto hanneke


It is the time of clashing egos. Guided by my third insight: Look to connect with others, I whisper from my heart: Let our light shine on the world! I write in my book 'From thinking to feeling': If we change, the world changes with us. Let us feed the world with peace, respect, love, compassion, forgiveness and happiness, so our society will be more tolerant.


My seventh insight is: Let yourself be nourished by love. With love, I ask everyone to send out your light to the world at 11-11-11 at 11.11 for 11 minutes




Let's make 11 11 11 a positive day humanity will always remember.

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